Monday, May 16, 2011

Coming Attractions

Right now, life seems like a waiting game. Things are pretty relaxed right now, but so much is coming up.

Senior Portraits
I had my sitting for my senior portrait just about two weeks ago. The proofs should come in next week and I cannot wait to see them!

SAT Scores
In 10 days, my score will go up online. My goal is to score between 1900 and 2000. God help my refresh button when May 26th rolls around.

My area gets out of school pretty late- my summer doesn't start until June 17th this year. BUT we don't go back until after labor day, so I guess it evens out. Either way- I officially have 1 month and 1 day left!

College Road Trip
My dad and I will soon begin planning for a little road trip this summer to check out a few colleges I'm applying to. I've already visited one of my schools, so we'll be heading to Virginia and North Carolina to check out the other three. Also, my dad is a huge NASCAR fan, and mentioned that if he could go to a race at any track, it'd be Bristol, TN, so I was thinking of trying to plan the trip so we can make that happen!

Summer Work
This summer, I will definitely be applying again to volunteer at my local library. I did it last summer and really enjoyed it. Also, I will keep my usual steady babysitting job throughout the summer, with other charges here and there. During spring break, I also applied to work at a local stationary shop. I haven't gotten a call yet, but I plan to call THEM soon to check on my application. Can't hurt, right?

College Applications
August 1. The day most colleges release their applications. I. cannot. wait. Unfortuanately, none of my schools accepts Common App, which means I will have to fill out four different applications. But honestly, I just can't wait to get them started and sent... then the wait begins to see where I get in!

Senior Year
On September 6th, I will officially start my senior year of high school. This is crazy. The last three years have flown by, and I don't even want to begin to think about how fast my last year will go. As of now, I'm excited, but I imagine at least once I'll find myself not wanting it all to end so quickly.

The list could go on and on.
I already know this is going to be a crazy time in my life- but a really great time too!


Elizabeth said...

Good luck on your sat scores :) if it helps you feel better about your summer, I get out in early june for vacation, but school starts in the first week of august. So even though I have an early summer it is also short.

Hannah said...

Thanks for checking out my blog!

I'm going crazy waiting for my scores- my friends are getting so annoyed with me :)

Is there a reason why your summer is so short? Do you have more breaks during the school year?

Ashley said...

One of my friends pointed out your blog to me and I been reading it since then.

My summer is so short because my winter break is three weeks long. I guess it is a fair trade, but it is still a bummer.

You should check out my blog :)

Hannah said...

That makes me feel so awesome to know someone liked my blog enough to suggest it to someone! Tell your friend I said thanks, and thank you!