Sunday, May 29, 2011

Excuse My Absence/ Weekly Happenings

Hey Everyone!
Sorry for my little absence this past week. It's almost the end of the schol year (THREE weeks left!) and so many things are going on right now. Here's a little peek at what my week has been like:

  • Tuesday night, my dance studio's senior ballet company got together with one of our teachers to have a photo shoot! We did some pictures of us individually, and some that will be used in a group picture that we will the woman who is the leader of our company as well as the owner of the studio. She gives up so much time and energy for us, and we really wanted to do something to show our appreciation. The last company picture we took hangs inside the studio's front door, and was taken over 4 years ago, so it's time for an update! We had to wait until the last class of the day was over to use the studio to take the pictures, so we didn't end up getting started until about 9:30. When all was said and done, I didn't end up getting home until about 11:00, after which I had to shower and finish some homework. Not so great when you have class the next day, but a great time nonetheless!
  • On Wednesday, an American dynasty came to an end as ABC aired the final episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show. At 4 o'clock sharp, Mom and I sat down and tuned in to watch this momumental event. As Oprah reminisced on the shows past, I found myself getting strangely emotional. Oprah has been on TV all of my life, always airing at the exact same time. Whether watching it with my mom after elementary school or catching it on my own, the show has never failed to entertain, inform, and excite women (and men!) all across America and worldwide. Oprah's final episode proved to be a heartfelt testimony by Oprah of what the show has done for her, as well as for all of the viewers she reached. It was an excellent way to end a show that will most surely be missed!
  • Thursday night, I had my last audition ever for my dance studio's ballet company. I wasn't nervous about it since I've already reached my studio's highest level, but it was a little sad to get a glimpse of how it will be next year when this year's seniors are no longer there. I've danced with these girls for the past seven years, and it will be sad to see them go! Also, it was the first of the many "lasts" I will experience as I enter my senior year. I'm excited for it all to happen, but I won't be surprised if at times I find myself wishing it would go just a little bit slower!
  • For the past three weeks, I counted down the days until May 26th, when College Board would post scores from the May 7th SAT. Finally, Wednesday night came, and I could hardly contain how anxious I was. Before climbing into bed, I pulled up the College Board's website so that it'd be all ready to go check my scores in the morning, only to find that the release day for scores had been pushed back two days. Looking back, it was not a huge deal, but no doubt extremely frustrating. Because of the scores being delayed once, I of course wanted to check Friday night to make sure that the scores would indeed be available on Saturday morning, and that they had not been delayed again. Much to my surprise, the scores were already up! I quickly added up my 680 critical reading, 610 math, and 680 writing for a total score of 1970! My goal was to score a 1950, and I am proud to say that I exceeded that goal! I'm taking SATs again next weekend, and with more studying and review, I am hoping to break 2000!
I hope you all are having a fabulous Memorial day weekend!

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