Tuesday, July 19, 2011

To Be Honest

I've barely posted at all these past two weeks, and I feel like the posts I've done haven't been particularly creative. 

I've haven't been feeling very inspired lately, and I haven't had many good ideas for posts.

So, here's my idea:
What do you want to see?
Leave a comment letting me know what kind of posts you'd like to see more of- beauty, fashion, my life, organization, etc.

Obviously I won't be doing this all the time, but I thought it'd be a good thing to get me refreshed and back into the bloggy swing of things!


LibbyLovesBlogging said...

i know what you mean :/ i havent posted in ages! been very busy and a little bit uninspired. I can think of new creative post ideas :/ maybe try a review or your everyday make-up (mines coming soon ;) or a haul if you can or maybe your summer top 10 beauty or fashion tips :P Id love to read that one! or maybe a life update like whats up what you plan to do in the next day, year, few year etc :P or maybe a guide to something you have experienced, however random ;) like starting new school, going for job interviews maybe, or possibly a fashion how to wear ... or what to wear when its ment to be summer but its cold or wet! :P ill come up with some more ideas but i dont want to bore you anymore ;) X

LibbyLovesBlogging said...

maybe since you (and I etc ) are on babysitting budgets you could do a makeup( drug store) or clothing budget must haves or versitile must haves etc but before september please please please do a back to school organisation post!! id really appritiated the help and tips!! :D X

WholeHeartedly Hannah said...

Thanks so much- your ideas are great and I'm definitely feeling inspired. I'm working on a new post right now, and I think I might try to film a makeup video tomorrow!

Thanks again!

Lauren said...

I have those moments too, where I have no sense of creativity. Glad you're still wanting to blog.

I think it'd be great to see some more of your daily life or your favorite music/shops/food of the moment. Honestly, anything goes. That's why blogging is so much fun. If this helps, one of my favorite posts was your shower caddy one. Also, I think you did one on decorating binders. Both were fun and unique!

Hope you're having a great summer :)

♡ bAs said...

I've been behind lately too! It helps me to make a list and always keep it with me and I add things as soon as I think of them. Hope this helps! (: You can blog about anything!