Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Once again, this week I'm linking up with Jamie at This Kind of Love for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Here's what I'm loving this week:

I'm loving my followers- there's 20 of you now! You all leave such sweet comments, and your support is so encouraging to me. Thanks so much girls!

I'm loving the song "All Over Me" by Josh Turner. 
This song has been out for a while and it's a random choice, but it's super sweet and I've found myself listening to it a lot lately!

I'm loving that last year's Senior Ballet Company from my dance studio is having a get together this week! This group of us in particular have been together for years, and some of the girls who just graduated aren't taking summer classes, so it'll be great to all get together before last year's seniors head off to college! We're also handing out the company t-shirts we had made this year- we decided to do pinnies and from what I hear, they look great!

I'm loving the Mint Chocolate Javakula from Seattle's Best. I ordered it this morning at Borders, and it was absolutely TDF. Think part Double Chocolatey Chip Frapp al la Starbucks, part Mint Chocolate chip ice cream. You wouldn't think of Borders as a place for great coffee, but Seattle's Best is pretty fab!

I'm loving the book I'm currently reading, Growing Up Brady, by Barry Williams, aka Greg Brady on The Brady Bunch. Something you might not know about me is that most of my favorite TV shows are at least a decade old- some of these include Beverly Hills 90210, The Cosby Show, The Wonder Years,  and, of course, The Brady Bunch! It's one of the first "older shows" I got into, and I've loved it since I was little. The book talks about Barry Williams' childhood, how he got into showbiz, and what it was like, well, growing up Brady! The book also has summaries of each of the series' 116 episodes, as well as a little bit of commentary on each episode by Barry. It's a great book if you're either a fan of The Brady Bunch, or you just want to see what went into making one of America's most iconic television shows!

I'm loving that I found a green loofah to match my pink shower caddy! (Want to know what's in my caddy? Read it here!) I left my BB&B bag in the car, so this sad little stock photo will have to do!

I'm loving that The Life of a Suburban Princess included my question from her 400th post in her newest post! I asked what advice she had for new bloggers, and her answer was extremely thorough! Go check it out!

What are YOU loving this week?

Go link up with This Kind of Love and let us know what you're loving this Wednesday!


Portuguese Prepster said...

Hey girl I just found your blog, it's super cute, now following!

WholeHeartedly Hannah said...

Thanks so much!

Suburban Princess said...

Thanks for including me!

I always go to Borders when I cross ummm the border into the US. LOL! I wish sbux would do a chocominty frapp - it's my favourite flavour combo!

♡ bAs said...

Exciting 20 followers! I am your 20th follower that is very cool! I like your new green loofah! Great what Im loving wednesday post!

WholeHeartedly Hannah said...

Thanks! I'm proud to say I was your 100th follower!

I'm all about fun bath products, and the green loofah with my pink caddy just makes me happy :)

Lauren said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! The name of the nail polish is Samoan Sand. I love it. It's a great nude color that you can actually see. Definitely try it out!
One of my favorite TV shows is Full House and colored loofahs are the best. I picked up a pink one at Bath and Body Works.

Have a great weekend! xx

Savannah said...

I love this post! Josh Turner is amazing! <3