Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rain is a Good Thing

If we're talking weather, I have one word to describe the past couple weeks: crazy! Almost every day starts out warm and sunny, and by afternoon it turns into some of the loudest, most intense thunderstorms I've ever heard. They go late into the night and, while growing up near a fire station left me with the ability to sleep through even the loudest noises, the super bright lightning is not exactly soothing.

While I actually do love thunderstorms, the recent downpours only emphasized a BIG problem for me: I have no rain boots! While I LOVE my Duck shoes, they are definitely more of a 'It's wet/ icy outside but not necessarily raining/ snowing' shoe rather than a 'It's raining cats and dogs/ snowing wildly' shoe.
Part of the reason I bought Duck shoes to begin with was because of the issue that I've had with rain boots for a super long time now:

They don't fit over my calves!

Now, I promise you all I do not have cankles! However, 12 years of dance has left me with some hefty leg muscles, and nothing seemed to want to cover them.

I searched high and low. I checked Target, Marshall's, TJ Maxx, 2 different DSWs, and several other stores quite regularly, hoping I would find something that fit my legs normally without having to buy the boots super big. But, alas, I found nothing.

I really adore Hunter wellies as they are an absolute classic, and the brand has been approved by HM, Queen Elizabeth II and HRH, The Duke of Edinburgh as the official supplier of waterproof shoes for the royal family. If that's not a sign of great quality, I don't know what is. If they're good enough for the Queen, they'd be good enough for me! 

However, I'd always assumed that I'd have the same issue and that they just wouldn't fit.

Fast forward to this week. I was perusing the Hunter website, and upon seeing the original short boot, this thought came to mind:

Maybe my problem wasn't the fit of the boot, but the height.

So, this weekend, I set out to purchase my new-found perfect boot, and I was quite successful! I went to City Sports, and was pleased to see that they fit my calves perfectly! 

The original short wellies are normally $115, but I happened to receive a coupon in the mail this week from City Sports for 20% off any item, which brought the price down to just over $90! Mom and I decided to split the price 50/50, and I couldn't be happier with my purchase! I am in love with my new wellies, and with the weather lately, I'm sure I'll get a chance to wear them very soon!

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Portuguese Prepster said...

I love my Hunters! They are so cozy. Glad you were able to find a pair that worked!